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We live in a time where video streaming is no longer just entertainment.  It has become an essential tool through which corporates, media, government, and in fact most sectors of the economy, communicate and deliver messaging to their audience, unhindered by geographical BORDERS.

Live video streaming has been the go-to form of broadcasting and communication for companies, organisations, public figures and media houses in the USA, Europe and around the globe since the early- to mid-2010s.  In South Africa, the uptake has been slower, as internet access and fibre services have lagged behind, while the perception still exists that live video streaming is complex and expensive.  

However, in the past year or so, demand for live video streaming of corporate events, conferences, meetings, announcements, inspirational sessions, weddings, and just about any occasion where a message needs to be delivered to a group of people, has increased steadily in South Africa, and with the recent onset of global travel and social restrictions due to Covid19, the demand has skyrocketed.

Fortunately, with the advances in streaming technology, it is possible to offer video streaming solutions that are affordable for productions and budgets of almost any size.  A simple single camera setup can already get you live to as many viewers as your network and/or marketing skills allow you to reach, while a multi-cam setup with all the bells and whistles that professional lighting, titles, logos and animation will offer a more impressive viewer experience; it really comes down to the production value you want to offer (and of course the size of your event).

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