Online funerals and memorial services, live streamed via private link or on Zoom


When a loved one passes away, it is natural for families to come together, reconnect, mourn and celebrate.  These days, family members are often spread across the world and it is not always possible for everyone to travel home for the funeral.  Currently, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, international travel is prohibited and mourners who would have booked the trip home under normal circumstances, are unable to do so.

Live streaming the funeral, celebration of life and/or memorial service to loved ones across the world offers them the opportunity to be one step closer than just being there in spirit.  They get to follow the celebration / service, see their family and friends, and experience the connection in a unique way.  They can even contribute eulogies and/or other items via live streaming or by sending through pre-recorded videos.

Panastream values the opportunity to be part of this important moment in the journey of your loved one and your family.  Our package typically includes 2 – 3 cameras, allowing us to cut between visuals of the presentation and the mourners. We can cut away to visuals (photos / videos) of your loved one and family throughout the event, when appropriate – our creative producer will connect with you during the days before the service to collate material.  The service is streamed to a private youtube page which is only accessible to those in possession of the link which we will share with you one or two days before the service.  We also facilitate Zoom funerals, and/or we can stream to any other platform of your choice.

We offer various packages from more simplisitc streams to creatively produced ones, so there should be an option to fit your budget and requirements.  Please feel free to contact us to chat through everything!


Thank you again for making the whole process around Carry's Zoom funeral so seamless. We really appreciate it.

– Candice Bekker


Thank you so much for the livestream of my Uncle's funeral yesterday, it was so special and we appreciate how you both handled it with so much care.

– Gaynor Achilles


I have just experienced a brilliant and most professional live-streaming of my late friend, Yolisa Qunta, and I wish to commend you. You deserve all the exposure. I send you all the blessings. Well done. I certainly know where to get hold of you.

– Prof Jali Bakoro

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