You want to share the most important day in your life, with all the people who are important to you. But sometimes it is not possible. Some family and friends may be unable to travel to big day due to work, health or travel restrictions, or you may need or choose to limit your budget and have an intimate celebration.

Fortunately, your tribe can still be part of your wedding day, wherever they are in the world! Through live video streaming, you can share each and every special moment as it happens. The guests waiting in anticipation, the first sight of the flower girl, the groom’s expression when he sees his bride for the first time, the entrance of the bride, the ceremony, the first kiss, the rings, the music, the tears, all the beauty, and then some more. Your global guests can join in the celebratory atmosphere and experience the emotions together with you, and virtually raise their glasses with you in celebration. We can go one step further and assist with facilitating a livestream from their side of the world, in order to play their message / speech during the ceremony or reception.

Our packages are tailored according to the size of your event and the production level you are striving for. We can offer a full service solution which covers all the AV needs of your special day, or we can work with your existing AV Company and/or production team to provide the technology required for your webcasting and video streaming requirements.

ONLINE BROADCASTING & LIVE streaming service

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